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17 October 2015 @ 12:16 am

come get your love on at femslashagenda, a low-stress but high-fun comm for femslashers: for creators, consumers, and everybody in between.

current events include a Halloween Fest and Spookathon.

note: the comm didn't let me tag the entry.
01 July 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Welcome to The Dirty Robber, rizzolislesland's social community!

This is where people of all teams can get to know each other.

The rules here are simple:
  • No bashing/harassing other members/characters/pairings/etc.
  • If you want to advertise a community of your own, go for it. (please use the "!pimping" tag)
  • Only members of rizzolislesland can be members of this comm
  • When posting graphics, you may have a small preview (for icons: 3 will suffice as a preview. For other graphics: do not exceed 500pixels X 500pixels) showing but the rest of the post must be hidden behind a cut.
  • TAGS. please use the appropriate tags whenever possible ;)
  • If there is a tag you need and it doesn't exist, use the "!tag needed" tag and tell me what you need :)
  • and the most important of all... HAVE FUN!
Spoiler Policy: spoilers are allowed. However, your title must include "[SPOILER ALERT]" and all spoilers (whether they be images or text) must remain behind a cut.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me.